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September 18, 2008

Convenience of Internet

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Internet has become more and more convenient and popular in the world, so it means more people start to use internet and can do more and more things at home, such as, purchasing products, using internet call, and seeing foreign countries’ TV shows at the same time.

In the North America, “ebay” is one top online shopping website. The ebay company realize “internet calling services” will become more popular in the future, so the ebay started to merge the internet calling services company, skype, from 2005. Why skype become popular in the world? Low price and well quality could be the biggest reasons. According skype website, customers only pay 1.95 EUR dollars (equal around 3 Canadian dollars) one month; unlimited calls to any USA & Canada phones. No long-term contract and no connection fees. This fee is quite lower than traditional telephone company. I am an international student in Canada, so choosing cheap long distance call service is important to me. In this summer vacation, I have a special experience; I found out an interesting thing with skype. I use skype for a long time, but I have no idea about this convenience. In my opinion, toll free calls only offer people who call from North America, so it cannot work by traditional telephone calls in other countries. However, I found out that I can use toll free calls to do my telephone banking by skype in my home country, and it also is free.

        Watching own country’s TV shows at the same time is also interesting for international students and travelers who like to watch TV shows very much. As long as people purchase a “Sling box,” and connect to their home’s cable line and internet. People can see their home television everywhere in the world by using PC, notebook, or any equipment which can go on the internet. If people set up the “SlingPlayer” software, they also can control home Sling box to record the TV shows.

        To sum up, internet improves the convenience of the world, especially for international students and travelers.


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