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September 25, 2008

Web analytics is useful

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Most companies would like to spend least money to earn most profit, so companies need to know any customers’ information about their buying behavior. This kind of information is very important to not only companies but also marketers. Collecting the information has several ways to do, such as, survey or collection from in-store cashier computers.

Only collection data is not enough; how to analyze the data is also very important. Therefore, having a good web analytics system is quite useful. Knowing what works and what doesn’t will lead to significant cost reduction and better targeting of resources,” said from Harry Speller who is a web analytics manager. For example, British Tourist Authority’s official website is used with both web analytics and e-commerce in order to not only let businesses to promote their works, but also realize how customers use it easily and better.

Another example, a church, which named is the United Methodist Church, has 11 million members and 250,000 current visitors to visit the website per month, so this big number is a huge resource for the church’s marketing. The church start to use Google Analytics and feel this tool is quite useful for the church to understand which sites are popular.

According Michelle’s article, “Web Analytics Primer: Five Metrics Demystified”, she tells us how to do web analytics basically in five steps. The first step is “to get brief understanding form original data.”  The second step is “to realize what traffic sources are.” The third step is “saving money from learning rate metric.” The fourth step is “Site Overlay.” It means companies can understand what pages customers like to see and what pages customers do not like in companies’ websites. The last step is “focus on reporting to show companies where need to change and can let companies improve their business.”

           To sum up, a good web analytics can help web designers to understand where need to be changed on their website, and which pages are more popular for visitors. So, designers can learn the experiences to improve the websites which to be created in the future.



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