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October 30, 2008

Google’s and Yahoo’s search engines

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Google and Yahoo are top two companies which provide search engine services in the world. Google has a 68% U.S. searches share; Yahoo lays claim to 20%. Google can earn the top one because Google has huge data sources. People can find out what they want easily, so they will like to use the same search engine in the future. When more and more people use one search engine, the company can earn profit by the search engine service. The company can decide the order of results showing up. If a firm wants to their website or information can show in front of the results, the firm needs to pay fee or be a sponsor to the search engine company.

Recently Google CEO, Eric Schmidt, said that “as part of its recently announced collaboration with General Electric (GE), the search engine giant is currently looking at designing tools to help consumers understand their energy consumption.” In other words, people can receive Google’s services which are included e-mail, online maps, and mobile apps; in the future people also can use search engine to realize their energy consumption. Google invest $45 million to do this plan; Google thinks create an energy data management could let the Google Company can earn profit form one of the only places where Google plans. People can flow the result data not only to plan activities to save their energy, but also to protect environment because people will reduce CO2 releasing when they use less energy.

Although people use Yahoo’s search engine services is less than people use Google’s search engine services, Yahoo still to find out ways to improve self search engine services. According the article, “Yahoo! Juices Its Search Engine,” Yahoo has already started to maintain the search engine results’ display from last year. Vish Makhijani, Yahoo’s senior vice-president of search said, “We want to give people a material reason to come to Yahoo as opposed to anywhere else.” The new search engine service still provides Web links; objective is to deliver information Web surfers want on the very first page of results, rather than requiring users to wade through a sea of blue links.


October 23, 2008

Web2.0, Google Earth & RSS

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        Because the internet technology improves so much, such as, web1.0 improves to web2.0. Some websites, such as, YouTube, allow people upload video to share with everyone in the world. Therefore, most companies’ websites become more interesting and visible variety, such as, Google Earth. It could let marketers utilize these kinds of improvement to attract attentions.

Google Earth and Maps are useful tools for travelers and deliver services companies. In few months ago, Google starts to launch the browser plug-in for Google Earth, combining the best of Google Maps. It means the Google Maps become 3D and can show the different highness and shape to visitors. Following the article “Google Earth in the browser… is it really useful?” the author thinks that it is hard to say a positive or negative improvement because the improvement just shows in few months in the world. But, the author thinks the improvement should useful for education, entertainment and planning.

Except above tools, there are some useful social networking sites tools could let marketers to utilize to build customers’ loyalty. RSS is one of the tools, and it could send message quickly and directly to customers. However, according the article “Who’s Using RSS,” in North America, the table shows the RSS users in adult is only two percent; RSS users in teenagers is only five percent. It is quite low percentage of people use RSS. Although the RSS is quite useful for business companies, the RSS is not popular for normal people. Companies need to think about to help their customers to use RSS and increase the RSS users.

Web2.0 is quite useful in companies’ business and normal people’s websites, but there is a problem happens in the world. More and more people and students use Facebook and MySpace to contact with friends; people only leave message on their friends’ web pages. It reduces real communication with friends. A real life should be interact with other people, but high technology cause more people stay at home all days and talk with people just put some words on the technology wall. Although high technology is quite useful for economic, the relationship between people and people will go down. People need to realize the problem.

October 15, 2008

Viral Marketing

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            Word-of-mouth is a past called in direct marketing strategy; now it is called viral marketing. Marketers exploit customers’ communication, such as, e-mail, to do their marketing. For example, a firm creates an interesting ad and post on the offical website. One person sees it and feels interesting, so he/she send the link to his/her friend to see. Marketers exploit customers’ force of share and do an intangible promotion. Viral marketing is quite successful in the online marketing because firms do not spend money to purchase TV ads and also could get quite the same goal. “The first widely popular example of viral marketing was courtesy of The Blair Witch Project in 1999.” “The success of this viral marketing campaign showed the major players in the movie business just how effective the tactic could be.

            Because the internet technology improves so much, such as web1.0 improve to web2.0, more and more people can create and design own website, such as, Facebook and MySpace. Some websites allow people upload video to share with everyone in the world, such as, YouTube. Therefore, this improvement affects the viral marketing very much. Most of biggest companies’ marketers start to follow the trend and put their commercial or some interesting videos in above famous websites. For example, Sony put promo videos on YouTube website to do viral marketing about their electronic products. Sony’s TV game products, such as, PlayStation and PSP, also be promoted on the Sony’s MySpace website.

            According the article, “Where’s the Money in Online Video?” a senior vice-president, Brett Garfinkel, of the original online content site maniaTV said, “we can now reach more eyeballs for the same cost and afford to cut costs to advertisers and remain competitive.” Online video is like a 24 hours commercial in the world, and firms only need to pay the video production. As long as the contents can attract visitors, coming benefit will let visitors become customers or purchasers.



October 9, 2008

7Cs in the Web Interface and Customer Experience

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Customers’ first impression is important for any businesses because a having good impression could attract customers come back again. It could happen in not only stores, but also websites. Therefore, a website design is important; a well design website could let visitors have a perfect image. “People who visit your website are often ready to buy. You have to make your site interesting, attractive and relevant. It has to load quickly, be simple to navigate, offer a good selection of payment options and provide a first class shopping basket.”

There are 7Cs (design elements), such as, connection, communication, and commerce, could help website designers to make their website more interesting and can let visitors have good first impression. According the article “How To: Update Your Web Site’s Content,it gives website designer some great tips and ideas to update sites. One is “News Column,” designers can put the latest news or products or services information to visitors see. Only put a few words/lines of text and use link function to help visitors can easily to go to the relate website to see detail information. It is about “connectionin 7Cs. Another one is “FAQ Section,” it can help new customers because users could meet the same problem. New customers can review the questions which asked by other customers before, and find out the answer on the website. If still cannot find out the solve way, customers also leave questions to ask the product company. It is about “communicationin 7Cs. “Commerce” is also in 7Cs, let customers realize the products which they want to purchase, such as, “good graphics, clear and precise explanations, short copy and a clean, logical structure. and doing order confirmation. Accepting credit card payment online is also essential in commerce.

        When customers have good first impression and also have good experiences in purchasing products with the website, most customers would glad to come back to visit or shop on the same website. Some customers will tell their friends to share their good experience, and it would help to increase the numbers of visitors and business deal.

October 2, 2008

Research and website planning

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It is quite important for an online marketing company to create a website because the website is the main tool not only to show customers what products or services are, but also to let customers to contact with the company.

Doing research and planning how to design the website are two keys before creating a website. As long as the company set up their goal already, then the company can start to do research. According the article, “How Marketing Research Can Benefit A Small Business,” the research can separate into two kinds of types. The First one is secondary research. It means researchers can find out some data which has already been conducted by other people, such as, demographics and statistics, existing research reports, and marketing researcher tools. “Demographics and statistics” can help the firm to understand what kind of people are the company’s target audiences. “Existing research reports” can help the firm to get some information about the market. “Marketing researcher tools” can help the firm to answer some questions because some websites have excellent resources there. The other research type is “primary research.” It is included “talk to your customers, web logs or blogs, famous websites’ groups, and in-person forms/conferences.” Above list is similar face-to-face to do survey with customers. The data should be better than secondary research, but it would cost more money.

After doing research, designers can start to plan website. According the article, “Website Planning,” gives three guidelines to plan a website. The First one is “Purpose.” The website should display to audiences what kind of products or services will be provided, and let customers can easily to understand about the company. The second one is “Audience.” Focus on audiences’ information, such as, gander, ages, and what they are interested in. The website can follow their like to make some change to attract customers’ eyes. The last guideline is “Content.” A website needs to collect the latest information to satisfy with most audiences, and also can receive audiences’ feedback to change or correct the content of the website. If the company would like to do commercial website, the website planning could be expand with “Design principles and Priority.” It could let designers to check each page can show up correctly in different browsers and connection speeds.

To sum up, to prepare and work hard before doing anything could let something have good groundwork and easily continue to move on.

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