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October 2, 2008

Research and website planning

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It is quite important for an online marketing company to create a website because the website is the main tool not only to show customers what products or services are, but also to let customers to contact with the company.

Doing research and planning how to design the website are two keys before creating a website. As long as the company set up their goal already, then the company can start to do research. According the article, “How Marketing Research Can Benefit A Small Business,” the research can separate into two kinds of types. The First one is secondary research. It means researchers can find out some data which has already been conducted by other people, such as, demographics and statistics, existing research reports, and marketing researcher tools. “Demographics and statistics” can help the firm to understand what kind of people are the company’s target audiences. “Existing research reports” can help the firm to get some information about the market. “Marketing researcher tools” can help the firm to answer some questions because some websites have excellent resources there. The other research type is “primary research.” It is included “talk to your customers, web logs or blogs, famous websites’ groups, and in-person forms/conferences.” Above list is similar face-to-face to do survey with customers. The data should be better than secondary research, but it would cost more money.

After doing research, designers can start to plan website. According the article, “Website Planning,” gives three guidelines to plan a website. The First one is “Purpose.” The website should display to audiences what kind of products or services will be provided, and let customers can easily to understand about the company. The second one is “Audience.” Focus on audiences’ information, such as, gander, ages, and what they are interested in. The website can follow their like to make some change to attract customers’ eyes. The last guideline is “Content.” A website needs to collect the latest information to satisfy with most audiences, and also can receive audiences’ feedback to change or correct the content of the website. If the company would like to do commercial website, the website planning could be expand with “Design principles and Priority.” It could let designers to check each page can show up correctly in different browsers and connection speeds.

To sum up, to prepare and work hard before doing anything could let something have good groundwork and easily continue to move on.


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