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October 9, 2008

7Cs in the Web Interface and Customer Experience

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Customers’ first impression is important for any businesses because a having good impression could attract customers come back again. It could happen in not only stores, but also websites. Therefore, a website design is important; a well design website could let visitors have a perfect image. “People who visit your website are often ready to buy. You have to make your site interesting, attractive and relevant. It has to load quickly, be simple to navigate, offer a good selection of payment options and provide a first class shopping basket.”

There are 7Cs (design elements), such as, connection, communication, and commerce, could help website designers to make their website more interesting and can let visitors have good first impression. According the article “How To: Update Your Web Site’s Content,it gives website designer some great tips and ideas to update sites. One is “News Column,” designers can put the latest news or products or services information to visitors see. Only put a few words/lines of text and use link function to help visitors can easily to go to the relate website to see detail information. It is about “connectionin 7Cs. Another one is “FAQ Section,” it can help new customers because users could meet the same problem. New customers can review the questions which asked by other customers before, and find out the answer on the website. If still cannot find out the solve way, customers also leave questions to ask the product company. It is about “communicationin 7Cs. “Commerce” is also in 7Cs, let customers realize the products which they want to purchase, such as, “good graphics, clear and precise explanations, short copy and a clean, logical structure. and doing order confirmation. Accepting credit card payment online is also essential in commerce.

        When customers have good first impression and also have good experiences in purchasing products with the website, most customers would glad to come back to visit or shop on the same website. Some customers will tell their friends to share their good experience, and it would help to increase the numbers of visitors and business deal.


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