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October 15, 2008

Viral Marketing

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            Word-of-mouth is a past called in direct marketing strategy; now it is called viral marketing. Marketers exploit customers’ communication, such as, e-mail, to do their marketing. For example, a firm creates an interesting ad and post on the offical website. One person sees it and feels interesting, so he/she send the link to his/her friend to see. Marketers exploit customers’ force of share and do an intangible promotion. Viral marketing is quite successful in the online marketing because firms do not spend money to purchase TV ads and also could get quite the same goal. “The first widely popular example of viral marketing was courtesy of The Blair Witch Project in 1999.” “The success of this viral marketing campaign showed the major players in the movie business just how effective the tactic could be.

            Because the internet technology improves so much, such as web1.0 improve to web2.0, more and more people can create and design own website, such as, Facebook and MySpace. Some websites allow people upload video to share with everyone in the world, such as, YouTube. Therefore, this improvement affects the viral marketing very much. Most of biggest companies’ marketers start to follow the trend and put their commercial or some interesting videos in above famous websites. For example, Sony put promo videos on YouTube website to do viral marketing about their electronic products. Sony’s TV game products, such as, PlayStation and PSP, also be promoted on the Sony’s MySpace website.

            According the article, “Where’s the Money in Online Video?” a senior vice-president, Brett Garfinkel, of the original online content site maniaTV said, “we can now reach more eyeballs for the same cost and afford to cut costs to advertisers and remain competitive.” Online video is like a 24 hours commercial in the world, and firms only need to pay the video production. As long as the contents can attract visitors, coming benefit will let visitors become customers or purchasers.




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