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October 23, 2008

Web2.0, Google Earth & RSS

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        Because the internet technology improves so much, such as, web1.0 improves to web2.0. Some websites, such as, YouTube, allow people upload video to share with everyone in the world. Therefore, most companies’ websites become more interesting and visible variety, such as, Google Earth. It could let marketers utilize these kinds of improvement to attract attentions.

Google Earth and Maps are useful tools for travelers and deliver services companies. In few months ago, Google starts to launch the browser plug-in for Google Earth, combining the best of Google Maps. It means the Google Maps become 3D and can show the different highness and shape to visitors. Following the article “Google Earth in the browser… is it really useful?” the author thinks that it is hard to say a positive or negative improvement because the improvement just shows in few months in the world. But, the author thinks the improvement should useful for education, entertainment and planning.

Except above tools, there are some useful social networking sites tools could let marketers to utilize to build customers’ loyalty. RSS is one of the tools, and it could send message quickly and directly to customers. However, according the article “Who’s Using RSS,” in North America, the table shows the RSS users in adult is only two percent; RSS users in teenagers is only five percent. It is quite low percentage of people use RSS. Although the RSS is quite useful for business companies, the RSS is not popular for normal people. Companies need to think about to help their customers to use RSS and increase the RSS users.

Web2.0 is quite useful in companies’ business and normal people’s websites, but there is a problem happens in the world. More and more people and students use Facebook and MySpace to contact with friends; people only leave message on their friends’ web pages. It reduces real communication with friends. A real life should be interact with other people, but high technology cause more people stay at home all days and talk with people just put some words on the technology wall. Although high technology is quite useful for economic, the relationship between people and people will go down. People need to realize the problem.


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