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October 30, 2008

Google’s and Yahoo’s search engines

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Google and Yahoo are top two companies which provide search engine services in the world. Google has a 68% U.S. searches share; Yahoo lays claim to 20%. Google can earn the top one because Google has huge data sources. People can find out what they want easily, so they will like to use the same search engine in the future. When more and more people use one search engine, the company can earn profit by the search engine service. The company can decide the order of results showing up. If a firm wants to their website or information can show in front of the results, the firm needs to pay fee or be a sponsor to the search engine company.

Recently Google CEO, Eric Schmidt, said that “as part of its recently announced collaboration with General Electric (GE), the search engine giant is currently looking at designing tools to help consumers understand their energy consumption.” In other words, people can receive Google’s services which are included e-mail, online maps, and mobile apps; in the future people also can use search engine to realize their energy consumption. Google invest $45 million to do this plan; Google thinks create an energy data management could let the Google Company can earn profit form one of the only places where Google plans. People can flow the result data not only to plan activities to save their energy, but also to protect environment because people will reduce CO2 releasing when they use less energy.

Although people use Yahoo’s search engine services is less than people use Google’s search engine services, Yahoo still to find out ways to improve self search engine services. According the article, “Yahoo! Juices Its Search Engine,” Yahoo has already started to maintain the search engine results’ display from last year. Vish Makhijani, Yahoo’s senior vice-president of search said, “We want to give people a material reason to come to Yahoo as opposed to anywhere else.” The new search engine service still provides Web links; objective is to deliver information Web surfers want on the very first page of results, rather than requiring users to wade through a sea of blue links.


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