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November 21, 2008

E-mail Marketing

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“E-mail marketing” is one of the most direct methods of online marketing because e-mail marketing’s cost is very low of advertising. However, using e-mail marketing could be controversial. There are three reasons. The first reason is marketers get e-mail addresses properly and legally. The second reason is the mail could be considered to be a SPAM mail by e-mail services system. E-mail receivers do not know who send to him/her, and it could be a fake mail, which is send by hackers, with virus. It is would be the last reason. Although e-mail marketing has controversial, some marketers still like to use it to deliver their advertising messages. According the article, “10 Tips For Getting Your Email Marketing Emails Past the Spam Filters,” there are some tips to make email marketing become more effective.

        First, marketers need to know what kind of key words are the SPAM filters like so much. For example, “breakthrough!” is needed to avoid because the word would let filters identify to be sale advertising. And also, do not talk too much about “cash.” In a general e-mail, people could talk about cash, but not talk too much. Talking too much about cash is like to sale something to mail receivers. “Get rich quick” and “money back guarantee” are nobody trusts them in any context including email, so the filters don’t believe it either.

        Second, do not put a lot of unclear website address in the e-mail market because filters know hackers or spammers like to send links to e-mail receivers. Therefore, filters will block this kind of mail. And, to avoid attaching a huge size image because “a legitimate email marketer is very unlikely to send an email that is one giant image.

        Third, try not to type the content in one the same flashing color, such as, red, because the mail is hard for receivers to read and the filters could also have this notion.

        Fourth, marketers need to be careful not to send the same e-mail too many times in a short period because it would easily let filters presume these mails are SPAM. Even though, the mails pass the filters’ test, the receivers see a lot of the same mails and could feel annoyed. And they do not want to see it anymore.

        Hope these tips can help marketers to do e-mail marketing successful is like the “Come&Stay sales $30 million and a market cap of $78 million on NYSE Euronext, does so-called permission-based e-mail advertising for blue-chip customers including BMW, Ikea, GE Capital, and Apple” in 2006.


November 14, 2008

Online advertising

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        The internet technology improves so much in the world, so marketers improve advertising from tradition, such as, TV commercial, newspaper and magazine ads, to modern is like online advertising. Online advertising is included website, video, and e-mail.

        According the article, “Olympic Winner: Online Video,” U.S. and Chinese gymnasts or Michael Phelps were not winners in the Olympic Game this year. NBC and Yahoo are two top winners in the Olympic Game because more and more people move their behavior to see online video.” Yahoo’s Olympics site averaged 4.7 million unique visits each day through Aug. 18, according to Nielsen Online. NBC, owned by General Electric (GE), had 4.2 million in the same period, says Nielsen, which tracks Web site traffic.” It means if any firms do their advertising on these two website, there are more than 4 million people see these advertising each day. Therefore, the economic benefit is huge.

        Teens are an important part of online marketing because teens are most internet users. For example, Facebook and MySpace are two of main personal space sites to communicate with friends. What kinds of advertising which marketers make can attract teens? For example, “cool” is the key word for young people. Young people like to see something is special, interesting, and different with general things. Therefore, as long as the product’s quality is well; if the product can be unique for every customer, it could be become popular in teens.

        In the recent months, whole world’s economy become worse, and it affects companies put money into advertising. According the article, “Online Ad Slowdown Looms,” because of the bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers, Bank of America’s purchase of Merrill Lynch, and the government bailout of AIG, researchers were cutting back online advertising forecasts. “In August, research firm eMarketer cut projections for Internet ad spending this year to $24.9 billion, the second revision of estimates first released in October. The firm expects Internet advertising growth to slow to 17.4% this year from 25.6% in 2007. Next year, growth will slow even more, to 14.5%.” The eMarketer senior analyst David Hallerman says that the economy problem due to online advertising will not grow in fast recently.

November 6, 2008

Search Engine Optimization

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            Search engine optimization (SEO) is one important area in the search engine marketing. If a person can use SEO well, it could help to improve his/her online marketing very much. Jill Caren is a good example. According the article, “Search Engine Optimization for Small Businesses,” Caren has a one-person business and gets top rankings on Google. She spends eight months to understand what she needs to change and improve her website by SEO. After that, she relaunch her new online marketing, and increase 21% annual profit which is about $80,000. Caren uses some skills. For example, first, she will highlight the title; give detail information about the product and put next to the title. Caren researches the keywords in the titles, general text, and coding on her site using goodkeywords.com (free), and wordtracker.com (about $300 for a year’s subscription). Second, domain name is also quite important for search engine, so put something related to the products or services can let search engine put your business name in front of the results. Third, Caren does not use manufacturers’ descriptions to descript her products because it could let search engine find out a lot of the same results. She likes to writes descriptions by herself. She also put the descriptions next to the product’s picture or video, and she does not write too many words to descript because visitors or customers do not have much time to read.

            Although Google has a 63% U.S. searches share and be the top one search engine company, more and more search engine companies grow up very soon and provide faster search engine services to fight Google, such as, Yahoo, Microsoft, and Chinese rival Baidu. And some users feel other small search engine companies, such as, Spock and Marchex, are better than Google because users think these small companies provide specific services is quite useful. Therefore, more and more competitors appear in the world. If Google would like to keep the top one position, Google still needs to increase the huge data sources and try to provide more specific search services is also necessary.

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