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November 6, 2008

Search Engine Optimization

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            Search engine optimization (SEO) is one important area in the search engine marketing. If a person can use SEO well, it could help to improve his/her online marketing very much. Jill Caren is a good example. According the article, “Search Engine Optimization for Small Businesses,” Caren has a one-person business and gets top rankings on Google. She spends eight months to understand what she needs to change and improve her website by SEO. After that, she relaunch her new online marketing, and increase 21% annual profit which is about $80,000. Caren uses some skills. For example, first, she will highlight the title; give detail information about the product and put next to the title. Caren researches the keywords in the titles, general text, and coding on her site using goodkeywords.com (free), and wordtracker.com (about $300 for a year’s subscription). Second, domain name is also quite important for search engine, so put something related to the products or services can let search engine put your business name in front of the results. Third, Caren does not use manufacturers’ descriptions to descript her products because it could let search engine find out a lot of the same results. She likes to writes descriptions by herself. She also put the descriptions next to the product’s picture or video, and she does not write too many words to descript because visitors or customers do not have much time to read.

            Although Google has a 63% U.S. searches share and be the top one search engine company, more and more search engine companies grow up very soon and provide faster search engine services to fight Google, such as, Yahoo, Microsoft, and Chinese rival Baidu. And some users feel other small search engine companies, such as, Spock and Marchex, are better than Google because users think these small companies provide specific services is quite useful. Therefore, more and more competitors appear in the world. If Google would like to keep the top one position, Google still needs to increase the huge data sources and try to provide more specific search services is also necessary.


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