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November 14, 2008

Online advertising

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        The internet technology improves so much in the world, so marketers improve advertising from tradition, such as, TV commercial, newspaper and magazine ads, to modern is like online advertising. Online advertising is included website, video, and e-mail.

        According the article, “Olympic Winner: Online Video,” U.S. and Chinese gymnasts or Michael Phelps were not winners in the Olympic Game this year. NBC and Yahoo are two top winners in the Olympic Game because more and more people move their behavior to see online video.” Yahoo’s Olympics site averaged 4.7 million unique visits each day through Aug. 18, according to Nielsen Online. NBC, owned by General Electric (GE), had 4.2 million in the same period, says Nielsen, which tracks Web site traffic.” It means if any firms do their advertising on these two website, there are more than 4 million people see these advertising each day. Therefore, the economic benefit is huge.

        Teens are an important part of online marketing because teens are most internet users. For example, Facebook and MySpace are two of main personal space sites to communicate with friends. What kinds of advertising which marketers make can attract teens? For example, “cool” is the key word for young people. Young people like to see something is special, interesting, and different with general things. Therefore, as long as the product’s quality is well; if the product can be unique for every customer, it could be become popular in teens.

        In the recent months, whole world’s economy become worse, and it affects companies put money into advertising. According the article, “Online Ad Slowdown Looms,” because of the bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers, Bank of America’s purchase of Merrill Lynch, and the government bailout of AIG, researchers were cutting back online advertising forecasts. “In August, research firm eMarketer cut projections for Internet ad spending this year to $24.9 billion, the second revision of estimates first released in October. The firm expects Internet advertising growth to slow to 17.4% this year from 25.6% in 2007. Next year, growth will slow even more, to 14.5%.” The eMarketer senior analyst David Hallerman says that the economy problem due to online advertising will not grow in fast recently.


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