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November 21, 2008

E-mail Marketing

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“E-mail marketing” is one of the most direct methods of online marketing because e-mail marketing’s cost is very low of advertising. However, using e-mail marketing could be controversial. There are three reasons. The first reason is marketers get e-mail addresses properly and legally. The second reason is the mail could be considered to be a SPAM mail by e-mail services system. E-mail receivers do not know who send to him/her, and it could be a fake mail, which is send by hackers, with virus. It is would be the last reason. Although e-mail marketing has controversial, some marketers still like to use it to deliver their advertising messages. According the article, “10 Tips For Getting Your Email Marketing Emails Past the Spam Filters,” there are some tips to make email marketing become more effective.

        First, marketers need to know what kind of key words are the SPAM filters like so much. For example, “breakthrough!” is needed to avoid because the word would let filters identify to be sale advertising. And also, do not talk too much about “cash.” In a general e-mail, people could talk about cash, but not talk too much. Talking too much about cash is like to sale something to mail receivers. “Get rich quick” and “money back guarantee” are nobody trusts them in any context including email, so the filters don’t believe it either.

        Second, do not put a lot of unclear website address in the e-mail market because filters know hackers or spammers like to send links to e-mail receivers. Therefore, filters will block this kind of mail. And, to avoid attaching a huge size image because “a legitimate email marketer is very unlikely to send an email that is one giant image.

        Third, try not to type the content in one the same flashing color, such as, red, because the mail is hard for receivers to read and the filters could also have this notion.

        Fourth, marketers need to be careful not to send the same e-mail too many times in a short period because it would easily let filters presume these mails are SPAM. Even though, the mails pass the filters’ test, the receivers see a lot of the same mails and could feel annoyed. And they do not want to see it anymore.

        Hope these tips can help marketers to do e-mail marketing successful is like the “Come&Stay sales $30 million and a market cap of $78 million on NYSE Euronext, does so-called permission-based e-mail advertising for blue-chip customers including BMW, Ikea, GE Capital, and Apple” in 2006.


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